Day Tickets

These tickets are available from the driver. Pay with contactless* or cash. It speeds up boarding if you have the right money, but our drivers are happy to give you change.

  • Anywhere Day (Chambers and Hedingham)

Unlimited travel for a full day across the Chambers and Hedingham network for just £8.50 (£7.30 for 16-19s, £6.30 for a Child, £12.50 Family*). Anywhere Day tickets are less on our East Anglia Buses app

* adult & up to 4 children or 2 adults & up to 3 children ; not available before 0900 on schooldays.

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This value for money card allows unlimited bus travel on Chambers, Hedingham, First and Arriva as well as services operated under contract to Essex County Council.

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The Essex Saver ticket allows users unlimited same day travel on every registered local bus service within the administrative boundary of Essex County Council, and also into neighbouring authorities, providing the journey starts or finishes in Essex and no change of bus is made outside of Essex. You can buy the ticket on the first bus you board. It is not available as a weekly or monthly ticket and it cannot be purchased online. 

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