• Timetable changes confirmed – 30th March 2020

    We have now confirmed the timetable changes that will be implemented. We would like to thank our customers for their feedback which has resulted in a number of changes.

Routes 750 and 753
Bury St Edmunds – Sudbury

We are increasing the frequency of buses between Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds to run twice an hour for most of the day. One bus will be numbered 753 and one bus will be numbered 750. The 750 will run direct from Long Melford via the A134 rather than through Acton and Lavenham. Within Sudbury route 750 will leave the town via East Street and the A134 by-pass, calling at the Homebase roundabout (for Chilton Medical Centre) and Tesco’s.

Stanningfield will normally be served by route 750, but some journeys on route 753 will go that way at peak times.

The first journey in each direction will run slightly earlier. The 0708 from Bures and the 0730 from Sudbury will run earlier on schooldays to provide a punctual arrival time in Bury. There will be a bus arriving in Bury St Edmunds at 0946 for 10 o’clock lectures and morning meetings. The last bus from Sudbury back to Long Melford, Acton and Waldingfeld will be at 1823. Please check the new timetable carefully.

We know that many people from Sudbury go to Bury St Edmunds for work, shopping and education and that the bus journey is currently quite slow and only runs once per hour. We hope that more buses and shorter journey times will encourage people to use the bus rather than the car when accessing a congested town like Bury. We’ve got some great fare deals too, and many journeys will now be wi-fi equipped

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Routes 754 and 784
Sudbury – Colchester

Back in 2018 we increased the number of buses on this route to run roughly every 30 minutes. This has not been entirely successful, and we are reverting to running every hour and reducing the service to Bures and Wormingford. We are sorry but there have not been enough users to cover the cost of the extra buses through these places.

However, we will still be running two buses an hour between Sudbury and Colchester as we are introducing new route 784 to provide an option for a faster journey via the A134. This route will run from Sudbury via Great Cornard, turning left into Canhams Road at the end of Highbury Way and continuing via Shawlands Avenue to the A134.

New bus stops will be sited on the main road at Nayland, Levenheath and Assington. (At Assington the stop is towards Sudbury only). Within Colchester the 784 will still pass the Dog and Pheasant but will then head into town on the Northern Approach Road, where there is a bus stop for the Hospital.

Please note that the last bus back from Colchester will now be at 1840. Please check the new timetable for revised journey times.

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Route 84
Sudbury – Nayland – Colchester

This route will run at school travel times and on Mondays to Fridays only. There are not enough users to cover the costs of operation at other times. Route 784 will provide an alternative facility for Levenheath, Assington, Nayland and Horkesley Heath. Route 84A will operate on Thursdays from Nayland and Stoke-by-Nayland to provide a shoppers facility in Sudbury.

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Route 374
Clare – Glemsford – Bury St Edmunds

This route will be retimed slightly and will no longer serve Horringer on most journeys, because of the difficulties involved in using Sharpes Lane. There are more frequent buses to Horringer on other routes. Please make sure you check the new timetable.

On schooldays the routings of the two buses will be altered slightly and the bus starting at Glemsford will be the only one to serve Rede, Horringer and Horringer Court Middle School (now called 373). There will also be an extra journey on schooldays in the afternoon from Clare to Bury.

The route in Bury on schooldays is altered slightly (see “Bury schools” below).

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Route 375
Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds

Wednesdays only market day route 375 (Sudbury to Bury St Edmunds via Shimpling) will operate to a revised timetable. 

Wednesdays only market day route (Sudbury to Bury St Edmunds via Shimpling) will operate to a revised timetable. The bus will serve Lambs Lane and Bury Road in Harrow Green. Please note the return journey from Bury St Edmunds will depart at 1300.

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Route 236
Sudbury – Glemsford – Clare

A few additional journeys will be added where we are currently running empty buses over to Clare for the 374 route. This enables us to provide connections to Cambridge (Addenbrookes) via Stagecoach X13.

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Buses to schools and colleges in Bury St Edmunds

A number of our bus routes continue to schools in Bury St Edmunds and these will now be served as follows:-

Route 751 runs directly to/from King Edwards school via the town centre (for West Suffolk College). It will no longer serve County Upper/St Benedict’s. The route within Sudbury remains unchanged, and we will revert to the 2018-19 morning timetable.

Route 752 runs beyond the town centre to West Suffolk College and County Upper/St Benedict’s. The afternoon journey will terminate at Great Cornard and will not continue to Bures. The route within Sudbury remains unchanged but some of the departure times are changed.

Route 753 has various extensions to/from West Suffolk College, with one morning journey also continuing to County Upper/St Benedict’s.

Route 374 runs beyond the town centre to West Suffolk College and County Upper/St Benedict’s

Route 373 serves Horringer Court Middle School, the rear of West Suffolk College (stops by West Suffolk House) and County Upper/St Benedict’s en route to the town centre.

Buses to Thomas Gainsborough School

Most times will change slightly as a result of the new timetables – please check times from your stop before you travel.

Route 757 will run slightly earlier in the morning and will call additionally at stops in Melford Road after picking up at Tesco. Students from Chilton roundabout (Homebase) should use route 758 instead. 

The afternoon times will not change.

There will no longer be a route 753 bus timed to arrive shortly before school starts. Students from Bull Lane, Acton, Waldingfield and Chilton roundabout (Homebase) should use new route 758 instead. In Long Melford, Acton and Waldingfield this bus will pick up on the opposite side of the road to the current service. 

Route 753 will still run in the afternoon.

Route 84 will still operate at school start and finish times but there will be no later journeys.