IMPORTANT: East Anglia Buses App Update

As part of an essential security update, the East Anglia Buses App needs to be updated. This will allow you to continue to buy and use tickets on Konectbus, Norwich Park and Ride, Hedingham and Chambers buses across East Anglia.

This update is part of the 3D Secure Authentication process for card payments. This is a very secure payment method which also gives better fraud protection.

Please ensure that you update the app to this latest version or you may find you have problems purchasing and using tickets.

With this update, the app will no longer support devices running on versions lower than:

  • Android version 6
  • iOS version 11

If you are using these versions, or versions released before these, you may find that the app cannot be updated and may experience ticket purchases being declined. But not to worry, cash and contactless payments will still be accepted on the buses.