• Travel with confidence on our buses

    Your safety is our number one priority when you travel with us

Your safety is our number one priority, especially in the present time and we want to reassure you just how clean and safe our buses are so that when you can travel with us once again, you can travel with confidence , when you travel by bus.

Let us explain just how we keep our buses clean

Handrails and Buttons

All touchpoints such as handrails, buttons, ticket machines and seat heads are regularly wiped down with a clean cloth and anti-bacterial spray.

Electrostatic Sprayers

Electrostatic sprayers release a protective layer of anti-bacterial mist to help kill the virus as it lands on our treated surfaces. The Antibak Residual Surface Disinfectant is proven to be effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses such as Covid 19 and independently tested in accordance with European Standards. For more information on the product we use, visit the Eurocide website below.


Regular Testing

We swab test the surfaces of our buses or bacteria and Covid particles to ensure its cleanliness is maintained for the safety and comfort of our customers and drivers

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners help to sterilise the seats, windows and the interior of our buses by using a heated spray of water.

Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers are fitted within all our buses for you to use when you travel on our buses.

Let in the breeze

We encourage passengers to leave the windows open to allow fresh, clean air to fill the buses as we travel

Protecting our drivers

Drivers plastic screens are wiped inside and out to offer our drivers an extra level of protection and to keep them safe when they are out on the road.

Clean on the outside

Our buses are regularly put through our bus wash to give them a clean and sparkling finish on the outside, ready for their next journey back out on the roads.

Wear a face covering

We kindly remind you to always wear a face covering when you travel on our buses, sanitise your hands before and after you travel and always keep your distance from those not within your family or social bubble. We do understand that some people may be exempt from wearing a face covering when travelling or shopping but we kindly ask you still to be mindful of others and keep your distance as you travel with us. It is not our drivers responsibility to enforce the law.

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